Molecular Research Pharma CT is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) company for the research and development of new molecules derived from research in the areas of nutraceuticals, food and dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals.

Molecular Research Pharma CT offers, therefore, a service for present and future projects relatively:

  •  Development of new molecules;
  • Repurposing and repositioning of existing molecules;
  • Summary of nutraceuticals and/or food supplements


Molecular Research Pharma CT carries out the activities of a pharmaceutical research laboratory, with an application in the field of bio-science, biotechnology and pharmacology, acting as a support to all companies in the portfolio of Cube-Labs.

Molecular Research Pharma CT offers support services in the development of molecules in the preclinical phase to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Specifically, starting from the discovery and selection of new molecules, MRC deals with the non-clinical studies of pharmacology and toxicology, as well as the production of product quality data. The procedures implemented by Molecular Research Pharma CT are in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practices).

The goal is to simplify the process of developing and marketing new drugs, so that new safe products can reach patients faster. To accomplish this mission, Molecular Research Pharma CT relies on the expertise of its team and highly innovative equipment. 

The MRC project was born with the aim of carrying out research and development of new molecules in the therapeutic field, with particular attention to drugs active against rare diseases.

Molecular Research and the development of new drugs

Molecular Research Pharma CT has been active for decades in the field of pharmacological research and development. In collaboration with an international academic partner he has developed a new drug to be applied for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.


The company, through its technologies targets the following markets:

  • The drug-repositioning market: this market shows a TAM of 24.4b USD and projects a CAGR of 5.1% on average until 2023


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